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So why is PBS a great decision?

We give you peace of mind.

Payroll isn’t something you want to gamble with. You need to know your employees are going to receive timely and accurate paychecks. You need to know you’re always in compliance with ever-changing payroll laws and regulations so you won’t face IRS, state or local tax penalties. What’s more, you can stop worrying what will happen if your primary payroll employee leaves or gets sick. You don’t need payroll contingency plans. All you need is PBS.

We save you money.

Payroll processing can be time-consuming and costly when you do it yourself. In fact, of all the critical business functions you should consider outsourcing, payroll is at the top of the list. Truth is, it’s just not worth the cost and hassle of doing it yourself. When you partner with PBS, you can reduce your back-office expenses, improve the productivity of your current staff and eliminate the headaches associated with payroll processing.

We make it simple.

Payroll is complicated and deadline-driven. Our efficient and streamlined process makes it simple for you to get us the information we need, for you to get the answers you need, and for your payroll to get done right and on time, every time.

We provide service that’s second to none.

We’re always available.

You call, we answer. You email, we respond. In fact, we check in on you regularly. If you want someone you can count on to help you get it right, go with us.

We’re connected to you and your business.

Every business talks about relationships. At PBS, we do more than talk. We build, maintain, and nurture relationships. We know your name, you know ours. You’re never an account number. You’re a valued client we care about and want to help. We also know your business, inside and out, because that’s part of our job, and we take it very seriously.

We’re customer-service obsessed.

Sure, we’re in the payroll and HR business. That’s what we do. But what we are is a customer-service company. We’re totally and completely committed to being your trusted, dependable and proactive partner who helps you manage and grow your business every day and in every way. Without exception, you and your business are our number one priority and, as long as you do business with us, you always will be.

Second to none
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