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August 4, 2023

Partner with PBS for Peace of Mind

As a PEO (Professional Employer Organization), we’ll deliver comprehensive HR, payroll, tax administration, regulatory compliance, benefits and risk management services that will save you time and money, reduce liability and minimize turnover. You’ll get the peace of mind of knowing all your critical employee-related functions are being handled by skilled, experienced professionals who are dedicated to your success. And you’ll have more time to focus on your bottom line and grow your business.

At PBS, when we say comprehensive, we mean it. From payroll and tax filings, employee handbooks, and benefits administration to regulatory compliance and employee management — we do it all. We also work closely with you to design, establish, and maintain processes and procedures that meet the needs of you and your employees.

Services and Benefits You Can Count On

  • All Payroll Services: Direct Deposit, Pay Cards, Timekeeping, End of Year Fillings, & W-2 Preparation
  • Health & Ancillary Benefits: BCBS Master Health Plans, Dental, Vision, Short-Term Disability, & Long-Term Disability Options
  • Benefits Administration: Electronic Enrollment, Administration and Financial Reconciliation of Plans, & Employee Communication
  • Tax Administration: Local & State Filings, Multi-State Filings, & 941 Preparation
  • Employee Onboarding: I-9, W-4, A-4 (All New Hire Forms), and Employee Information into our Cloud-Based Employee Filing System
  • New Hire Reporting & Employment Verification: New Hire State Filings, I-9 Verification, & E-Verify
  • Unemployment Claims Defense: Filing and Dispute of Unemployment Claims On Your Behalf
  • Electronic Enrollment: Paperless Benefit Enrollment & Mailing of Benefit Cards
  • HR Consulting: Review of Your HR Policy, Handbook Development & Updating, Employee Complaint Investigation, & Guidance on Disciplinary Issues
  • Regulatory Compliance Assistance: Guidance on Compliance and Risk for ACA (Affordable Care Act), EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity), ADA (American Disabilities Act), FMLA (Family and Medical Leave Act), & More
  • Retirement Plan Options: 401K Traditional (Pre-Tax) or Roth (Post Tax) IRA Plans, Testing Tracking, ERISA (Employee Income Security Act) & 5500 Compliance
  • Cafeteria Plan Administration: Section 125 Plan, Pre-Taxed Benefits, Flexible Spending Accounts, Dependent Care Plans, & Administration

Everything You Need to Know About PEO

What is PEO?

A PEO is a Professional Employer Organization. We handle the payroll, payroll taxes, onboarding, benefits, benefits enrollment, and more for your business while you focus on your company.

How does a PEO arrangement work?

When a company joins a PEO, a co-employment relationship is created between the company, the PEO and the workers of the company. The Professional Employer Organization assumes responsibility for duties related to human resources, workers’ compensation, payroll, labor law compliance, and employment taxes.


What responsibilities are generally assumed by the PEO?

PEO’s are responsible for assisting in maintaining compliance with all regulations regarding the reporting and payment of federal, state and local taxes on wages paid to the workers. The PEO is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as the “employer of record” for liability for federal income and unemployment taxes and is responsible for these payments. In addition, the PEO is also responsible for compliance with a broad range of employment laws and regulations, including: COBRA, Title VII, ADA, FMLA, HIPAA, Equal Pay Act, and Age Discrimination in Employment Act.

What will employees think?

Workers want the quality health benefits and the opportunities for retirement savings that a PEO can offer. Through a Professional Employer Organization, Fortune 500 quality benefits can now be available to small and medium-sized businesses.

Why would a company use a PEO?

Using a Professional Employer Organization allows business owners and managers to focus on their core strengths, not worrying about the non-revenue related activities of employment. Many businesses don’t have the internal expertise, capability, or desire to handle regulatory compliance, risk management, payroll, employee benefits administration and other employment-related activities.

Is this the same as temporary staffing?

No. PEO’s normally do not recruit, train or provide staff to their clients as do temporary staffing firms. We provide the onboarding, benefits enrollment, e-verification, and HR-related tasks for your employees.

In a PEO arrangement, do I lose control of my employees?

No. PEO client companies and the PEO become partners in the co-employment relationship of their workers. The client retains responsibility for the day-to-day management of the workers. Clients maintain all “hire and fire” authority, handle promotions and provide workplace supervision as required.

What is a company already has an attractive benefits health plan or workers’ compensation plan?

We offer the ability to “unbundle” services and benefits for clients that already have these capabilities.

If you’re ready to partner with PBS, we’re more than ready to get started. To get a quote or get started, simply fill out our form or call us at (205) 271-5400. We look forward to hearing from you.

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